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Portuguese Plastic Artists are Exhibiting their Works Overseas - H. Mourato and Henrique Tigo are Exhibiting in the United States

Article published by Site, in 08/07/2003.

Plastic artists Master H. Mourato and Henrique Tigo, who live in Amadora, received a very special request to exhibit their works in Graceland, home of the legendary Elvis Presley, King of Rock'n'Roll for the 19th Elvis Annual Art Contest and Exhibit Week 2003 - as invited artists to represent Portugal.

The previous year, Henrique Tigo, and his father Master H. Mourato, had already been invited to participate in the same exhibition. As it seems, they were pleasing and this year they were once again invited.

It was with great pride that they accepted this honourable invitation to, once again, exhibit their works in Graceland, the Home/Museum of Elvis Presley, visited by over 700 milion fans/year.

Therefore, they will represent every Portuguese plastic artist and fan of Elvis Presley, reminding that Portugal never forgets Elvis Presley and that this country has, more and more, good artists who represent the Portuguese Culture.

The exhibition will take place from the 8th until the 13th August, 2003.

Note by Elvis 100%: This article has a mistake. It is not 700 milion fans who visit Graceland per year, but more or less an average of 800,000 people who do visit this house/museum.

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