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Programme of Fnac Almada Fórum

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Elvis Presley’s 70th Birthday

09.04. SAT. 17H00
The archivist and restorer, Rick Schmidlin, has recovered incomparable music: more than 30 minutes of very rare live performances, coming from studio archives, in this amazing and refreshing movie. With images of Elvis on and off stage, the movie follows the singer from the rehearsals at the MGM studios until Las Vegas and the show itself.  

70th Birthday 

09.04. SAT. 21H30
The songs Elvis left us are golden pages of the history of popular music. They have changed America and the world, they have influenced and still influence generations of musicians. Any text on popular music of the last fifty years will be incomplete if it doesn’t mention some of the Elvis compulsory themes. Elvis 100% Fan Club presents an audio show at Almada Fórum’s Fnac. 

ELVIS: The Great Performances
From the Waist Up

70th Birthday

10.04. SUN. 14H00
Combining musical types, such as rhythm & blues, gospel and rock’n’roll, Elvis has created a style of his own, which would transform music forever. This video shows the extraordinary story of Elvis’ arrival of his highest fame, in 1956. In just twelve months, Elvis reached stardom. It is a collection of his first live performances on TV, narrated by Bono, of the U2. 


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