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Birth of 'King of Rock' with Theater Play

. Theater Disfarces represents Elvis's life
. Premiere scheduled for March 18

Legend of photo:
To know Elvis beyond the stages is the goal of this tribute

By: Raquel Pereira

To mark the 71st anniversary of the 'king of rock' birthday, the Theater Group Disfarces and the Official Elvis Presley Fan Club in Portugal, Elvis 100%, have created "Without a Song - Elvis, a Rock Story". The play premieres on the 18th, at 10:00 p.m., on the little alternative circuit of Passagem de Nível Theater, at the Commercial Center Colina do Sol, in Amadora. The show will have four more presentations on the 19th, 24th, 25th and 26th March at the same place. No tour is scheduled.

"Without a Song - Elvis, a Rock Story" exhibits the life of the legendary artist and it is fomented by the idea of tribute to this singer, who died in 1977. The staging belongs to José Serradas and the production is Carlos Fontoura's responsibility. They have a cast of eight actors.

From the birth of the star until his death - something that does not prevent that millions still idolize him - this play contains the "fullfillment of a dream" and all less known facts of Elvis's life, the producer sumarizes: "We have tried to make an approachment to the backstage, in the sense to look for the man behind the star."

The sociological phenomenon is not forgotten in this play, reason why José Serradas says he tried "to find an explanation for the myth, the symbol of a whole generation, because he still is a myth. From the making money machine to the affections, everything is present in the play."

The music took Elvis to stardom, but this won't be the main ingredient of this play, as the producer explains: "This has nothing to do with a musical. It's a play that deals with a lot of humour. It has strong, dramatic and tragic moments. The music is always present, even though many other elements are cast."

José Serradas had the support and the "courage" of the Junta de Freguesia de São Vicente de Fora to perform the project which intends to be a tribute to the "king of rock", Elvis Presley.


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