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On March 17th 2006, Renascença Radio, which decided to promote and support the initiative “Without a Song – Elvis, a Rock Story”, aired during the day at different hours 5 publicity spots to the theater play and to Elvis 100%. As it were several journalists who presented at their direct shows the taped spot with excerpts of an interview done to Célia Carvalho on the 15th, each one of them did an initial and final presentation text that accompanied it differently. Sometimes they mentioned the theatre play, other times the fan club. What follows is an exact transcription of the last spot that was aired on the radio, around 20:20 p.m.

Who knows who would be 71 years old if he were alive? And many ensure that he is still alive. I’m talking about Elvis Presley, inclusively there is a fan club in Portugal and one of its founders, Célia Carvalho – the fan club is called Elvis 100% - Still Rockin’! – answers that question: Elvis died or not, after all? 

Board of Directors of Elvis 100%: Carlos Santos, Célia Carvalho, Sandra Santos and José João Simões.

“No, he didn’t die. Elvis will never die because Elvis will only die when his last fan dies. And I think that will never happen. I’m 35 years old, I was 7 when he died, I didn’t even knew he existed when he died, I only discovered him two years later, was passed on to me by my mother. Because she says I was inside her womb and I must love him already because she would fall asleep listening to him singing. Of course parents are always an influence and we, as parents, are also an influence over our children, because they still keep on listening to Elvis and like him, too. We have children with 7, 12 and 15 years of age, who love Elvis. Explain why, that is almost impossible, even myself can’t explain it. There are several performers, who sold many records, and who are still alive, Michael Jackson, for instance – who sold immensely with his Thriller album – and even though I think he is, too, someone who will not be forgotten, this is what happens: Elvis died almost 30 years ago and I know people who have been born after he died who are his fans. If at the time, when he was alive, people were amazed by that because the generations of his age, and older generations and newer generations, liked him, today, that is even more astonishing. And it’s very hard to answer, if not even impossible. Because Elvis himself was amazed by it. As he came from humble beginnings and he always preserved that humility, in spite of the presence he had on stage, flashy and all that, he was astonished by it and he said when he saw all the people gathering wherever he went – many times without having been advertised where he would go – they were there just the same, he said, ‘What is this? I’m just a little guy.’”

Elvis Presley, in fact, a very interesting phenomenon. When he died these youngsters who form the fan club, hadn’t even yet been born. If you want to belong to this fan club, it’s very easy. Send me an email to José Relvas (he supplied the email address) and I explain it all to you in the same way how to integrate the Elvis Presley fan club in Portugal. 

Note: Our appreciation goes to our member Daniel Bacelar, who taped recorded this spot. Also our thanks to the journalists who made this possible, namely: João Duarte, João Gonçalves and António Freire.

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