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On 16 August 2007, Renascença Radio, which decided to promote and support the initiatives that involve an Elvis Movie Cycle at Cinemateca and a dinner/party at D'Alma Lounge Bar as a way to mark the 30th Anniversary of Elvis' Death, it aired during the day in several different hours 5 advertising spots to the Fan Club and to those activities. As several journalists presented the recorded spot with excerpts of an interview done to Célia Carvalho on the same day, each one did an initial introduction and ending in a different way. The one that follows is the one presented by António Freire. ____________________________________________ 

Today is the day that marks 30 years since Elvis Presley died. In a short while, at Renascença, you will be able to meet a Portuguese Elvis Presley female fan, who is indeed one of the persons responsibles for an Official Fan Club dedicated to Elvis Presley.

Elvis Presley. Precisely 30 years today, but believe me when I say that for millions of his fans he is more alive than ever. That's the case for Célia Carvalho, who has discovered Elvis's music after he died, but that didn't prevent her admiration for the singer. Célia is today the Vice-President of an Official Fan Club of Portuguese fans, Elvis 100%, one of the many that exist all around the world.

Legend: Célia Carvalho, with the journalist that interviewed her, António Freire.

"It's in the Guinness, it's around 650 fan clubs in the whole world, dedicated to Elvis. It's the artist that has more fan clubs in the world. It is very strange, even himself thought it strange when he was alive, to have this sort of following. He didn't understand. And if he could see it now - as maybe he can, we do not know - the following that he had ever since, 30 years after and we're still talking about him; and the fan clubs keep on showing and the members, too, he would be very, very surprised. It can't be explained. It is indeed a phenomenon. I don't know if it was his charisma, his talent, the way he had to touch people even though he didn't speak directly to them, each person felt like he was singing to her/him.

"When I discovered him, he had already died (gigles) and I was quite angry for nobody ever telling me about him before, but in a way it was good for me because I didn't have to go through the shock of his death, because everyone felt shocked. Because even though he has already a bit decadent - he really was, that's why he died - people also thought that Elvis would never die.

"What called my attention, besides the image, was his voice and the music. I was still quite young, but I heard the music and felt wrapped by the rhythm and by the way he sang. It was quite obvious that he was vibrating and feeling immense pleasure because that's what he indeed loved most to do, singing. He sang since always, since he was just a little boy, until the very end. He sang outside the stages, he left a concert and he went to his room and sang with his friends. He was always singing.

"I know people who do not speak English and listen to Elvis sing a gospel tune, which was the music of his passion, religious music - since that was the foundation and the education he got - and they cry."

Célia Carvalho, of Elvis 100% Fan Club, a club which is on the Internet, edits a magazine besides many other activities. It's the case of this week, with a party and a dinner right on this Saturday night (on 18 August) and in September, every Saturday, you will be able to see some of Elvis's movies in a special cycle at Cinemateca, in Lisbon. The first session is on 8 September and the entrance ticket is just 3,00 €. If you got curious to peak at this website and know all about all their activities, send me an email (he supplied his email address) and you will be able to collect lots of information.

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