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In September, Cinemateca in Lisbon dedicate its Saturday night sessions to Elvis Presley (open air sessions). The rentrée, besides marking the 30th anniversary of the singer's death, includes the cycle "Beach Movies" and "Movies on Movies".


According to the programming for the rentrée, announced yesterday, the Cinema Museum will present Elvis filmed by Richard Thorpe (“O Prisioneiro do Rock and Roll”-Jailhouse Rock, 1957, and “Amor em Acapulco”-Fun in Acapulco, 1963), by Donald Siegle (“A Lança em Chamas”-Flaming Star, 1960) and by Gene Nelson (“Férias no Harém”-Harum Scarum, 1965).


These four movies, presented in cooperation with Elvis 100% - Still Rockin’! Fan Club, are joined by two other cycles, “Beach Movies” and “Movies on Movies”, to fill the evenings at open air on Thursdays and Fridays, always at 10:30 p.m.


More detailed information in http://www.cinemateca.pt

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