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Elvis 100% on SIC TV Channel
100% in SIC - Elvis, The Portuguese Way
Report done by SIC TV Channel in 16/08/2001

After having informed the media that 2001 marked the 24th anniversary over Elvis death, the most part asked how were we going to celebrate that date. Our answer to that question was: "We are not going to celebrate, we don't celebrate that date. The news are that on the 16th August 24 years have gone by since Elvis died."  

SIC thought this was quite an interesting answer. And after showing for brief moments how the celebrations were taking place in Memphis, this is the way the report started: "Messages for the King overflooded the web site of Graceland, as if he was still alive. And, for many people... he is. There is an Official Elvis Presley Fan Club in Portugal. It was created this year, 24 years after the idol died. It is called Elvis 100% - Still Rockin'! and it already has almost one hundred members. On the contrary to what happens in the United States, they have decided not to celebrate the King's death."

Carlos Santos - President of the Fan Club Humberto Ladeira, Member Nș. 11

Carlos Santos' (Nș.1) and Humberto Ladeira's (Nș.11) interviews follow. About Carlos they say that he is a fan of the Father of Rock since he was 11, about Humberto they say that he's proud of being the 11th member of this Fan Club. They also tell a brief story on how each one "found" Elvis. Carlos Santos ended his story by saying, "And now I am an 100% Elvis fan." It couldn't have been more adequate! Humberto Ladeira: "He manages to sing rock'n'roll, romantic ballads, country, gospel... everything, and very well. And the strength he had in a live concert is really something that I cannot see in other more radical big rock bands. He had... I don't know... a different charisma." A few moments later, Humberto still adds: "The song that really better expresses the way he lived is when he sings: And now the end is near and so I face the final curtain..." (initial excerpt of My Way).

Both Carlos and Humberto said a lot more, but we think that the interview ended beautifully, when the reporter asked Carlos Santos, "If you could have something on Elvis Presley that you still haven't got, what would you chose?" and Carlos answered: "I'd like to have him alive, with us, so he could still be singing."

Watch the complete report in here (only in Portuguese):

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