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Party For Elvis Fans

Article publisehd by Correio da Manhã Newspaper, in 08/09/2001.

Roxy Romeo Bar, in Alhandra, will be the stage of a party dedicated to Elvis Presley, 24 years after his death

Elvis 100% - Still Rockin'! Fan Club is organizing, for the 15th, in Alhandra, a social party for all the rock music lovers.

The entrance for the event is intirely free and there is only one condition in order to get inside Roxy Romeo Bar, where the party will start at 03.30pm: you need to like Elvis Presley.

According to Sandra Raquel Santos, one of the members who created the Fan Club, the main motivation to organize this party - the first during the short existence of Still Rockin'! - is to create the conditions for all the members to meet personally.

"We're going to develop several activities: make a competition like 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?' but with Elvis related questions, an auction of articles and we are going to show, in a big screen of the Bar, inedit footage on his career. But the the main thing is that all members, who are more and more each day and who live in different areas of Portugal, might finally meet and exchange ideas."

24 years after Elvis Presley's death, on the 16th August, the singer is still idolized by millions of people all over the World. Elvis 100% - Still Rockin'! Fan Club was created in January this year and already has almost one hundred members.

If you're interested to join this fan club or go to the party, you can write to Apartado 930, 2795-996 Queijas, Portugal.

Note: This P.O. Box address, in force at the time this article was written, is no longer available. Please do not send correspondence to the given address.


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