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More than a hundred fans socializing yesterday. Tribute show in Cine Teatro Caracas is the next step. - Salomão Rodrigues.

Note: Francisco Peças had is name wrong published in this article ("Fernando"). Elvis 100% wrote the newspaper asking for a correction, which was done, on their edition of 06/02/2014. (See translation of these quotes below).

"I DON'T HAVE WORDS. I'm very happy, I didn't expect that this, which started as a joke, would have so much acceptance," stated Aníbal Simão, quite emotional, before a restaurant filled with enthusiasts of the King of Rock'n'Roll.

"It's almost as if Elvis were alive. People only die when we forget about them and Elvis will never be forgotten by these people who love him so much," he explained.

"I'm already thinking of an Elvis tribute show if the City Hall will be available to grant us the Cine Teatro Caracas," the organizer still mentioned, before the success of the first meeting.

A success translated into efusive applause by all guests in the house before each speech and performances recreated by the two tribute artists, throughout the afternoon, of the biggest hits of the author of Love Me Tender.

Francisco Peças and António Carlos Coimbra, known for the tributes that they often do to Elvis, made the star reborn on stage. Dressed accordingly, they have sung the themes that most people present knew by heart and sang along.

But the admiration for the passion of the barber Aníbal Simão and the acknowledgement of the importance of the meeting started in the morning, with a visit to the barbershop.

"I am astonished seeing this wonderful thing," Francisco Peças, flabbergasted, said, one of the first guests arriving at the barbershop museum owned by Aníbal Simão.

"This is quite good. It looks like a small Graceland," he responded, still surprised with the hundreds of pieces of all kind where the king of rock'n'roll is the main figure.

"It's wonderful, I had never seen anything like it. I will talk with friends that I have in England and the US who will want to see this space," said, on the other hand, António Carlos Coimbra, another singer of the afternoon.

"It seems incredible, that there are so many admirers of Elvis." Célia Carvalho, President of Elvis 100% Fan Club.

"He had an amazing talent and on stage he was like a bomb." Fernando (hence Francisco) Peças, tribute artist.

"I've always enjoyed Elvis Presley's music, therefore I decided to attend this meeting." Zulmiro Familiar, an admirer.

"It was the first time I attended to a meeting of this kind and I'm loving it." Reinaldo Lopes, an admirer.


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