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 Legend: Jorge Custódio and Célia Carvalho, at Renascença Radio's studio.


Elvis 100% was contacted by Renascença Radio in order to mark the 40th anniversary over Elvis' death during their morning program, "Renacença Morning with Carla Rocha". We had already been in that show on 6 January latest, only this time, the interviewer was Renato Duarte, since Carla Rocha was on vacation. Before the interviews began, two preludes took place, with resumes on what happened during that special January day, with the participation of the Elvis tribute artist, António Carlos Coimbra.


For having made available the audio file with the interviews done to Célia Carvalho and Jorge Custódio, we could produce a video to go with the sound and which we have uploaded in our Facebook page and also in our TV channel. We leave you here with the link to the video on Elvis 100%'s Facebook page, so you can listen (and see) what the conversation was about (just in Portuguese):


Before the interviews took place, they also shared curiosities on Elvis Presley, and that shared information was previously sent by Elvis 100%.

 Legend: Jorge Custódio and Célia Carvalho, with Renato Duarte, inside Renascença Radio's studio.



A few days before these interviews, the fan club was contacted by the reporter André Rodrigues (following a general emailing that we have sent to all the media at the beginning and middle of August) in order for us to send him information for him to elaborate a piece to be presented in the program "The World in Three Dimensions". That's what we have done and the result couldn't have been better. We leave here the link, below, to Renascença's website, where you can listen to the audio piece (it's 3:16 minutes long), as well as the transcription of that piece, that we share in an English version below.



Elvis has died 40 years ago but he left us with more than 800 songs to remember him

The king of rock'n'roll had died but he still lives on the memory of millions of fans all over the world. It is difficult to mention an accurate number. The truth is that the legion of Elvis Presley's followers is the first dimension, more or less quantified of the life, career and legacy of the North American singer. Who was also a lover of numerology.

The group of Portuguese fans, Elvis 100%, has elaborated a list of numeric curiosities about their idol. And, usually, where numbers are concerned, we easily reach a pattern.

Elvis has born on 8 January 1935. And August is the month number eight. Believe it in this coincidence or not, the truth is that, throughout his life, August was a marking month for Elvis Presley. And the 15th was the day that records the most number of ocurrences.

1955, 15 August: Elvis signed his first contract with the manager Tom Parker.

Three years later, precisely on the same day, was the funeral of his mother.

But the curiosities aren't just over yet. On 15 August 1972, the divorce from Priscilla Presley was filed.

On that same day, in 1975, Elvis had to be hospitalized after having felt ill in Las Vegas. An episode that antecipated what was going to happen two hears later. But on the 16th.

Precisely 40 years ago, the voice of the king was silent forever. But Elvis unquestionably is one of the most celebrated music names at a global scale.

He detains the absolute record of selling records in the music history: more than one billion records for 152 albums and singles. Besides, when we count the songs that reached the first place in tops, Elvis Presley was leader for 80 weeks during the whole career that counts with more than one thousand live performances, one of them during the first satellite televised concert, in 1973, to more than 30 countries.

"Aloha From Hawaii" was seen by over 1.5 billion viewers and the profits from the show went to an institution of cancer patients.

It is more or less consensual that Elvis Presley's generosity goes beyond the dimension of the musical star. Throughout his career, the profits from the king's work have benefited more than 100 institutions and it is believed that Elvis has given more than half of everything that he has earned.

For the present and future memories, Elvis leaves us with more than 800 songs and 33 participations in movies as the leading actor. Un unquestionable phenomenon of popularity that goes on through times and that enchants several generations of fans.

And who remains alive, 40 years after his death.

Movie that we have done to illustrate the audio piece
(just click on the photo to access the movie):

As it has happened in January, we have been very well welcomed by Renascença Radio and we leave here our deepest appreciation to Renato Duarte, André Rodrigues, Teresa Alves and Paulo Teixeira, for your work and contribution to remember the King during this special date. We look forward more initiatives in the future.

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