In this section you will find Elvis' song lyrics of songs that he recorded or sang live and/or in studio. For each song a brief historial on the song itself is included, as well as info on its composers, a free translation into Portuguese (available just on the Portuguese version of the web site) and the albums where, up until now, they were released. Some of them also have the music available as background sound (the sound quality is not excelent because the goal is for pure entertainment only and divulgation of the music itself. We advise you to always buy the original product and, therefore, help the work of the artist). Click on the letters below to check the songs.



All pages with this symbol, have music playing on the background:

Now it is also possible to download some songs when that word appears under the title.

Put the cursor of your mouse on the word "download", right click with your mouse and select "Save Target As".


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(total of songs presented: 731 / last update: 16 / 09 /2020)


The main sources to elaborate this web site section were:

- Book Elvis: His Life From A to Z, by Fred L. Worth and Steve D. Tamerius, Wings Books
- Several websites