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All That I Am

(Tepper & Bennett)

Elvis sang All That I Am in his 1966 movie, Spinout. The recording session took place in February 1966, probably at Radio Recorders. The single release had an eight-week stay on Billboard's Hot 100 chart, peaking at #41. It fared better on the Easy-Listening chart, reaching #9. Sales of over one million copies are claimed for this Sid Tepper-Roy C. Bennett composition.

Elvis - Original

Elvis - Movie Version

Elvis - Take 2

Elvis - Take 4


All that I am or ever hope to be
Lies in your hands, you are my destiny
When you are in my arms, I rule the world
And when we're far apart, how cruel the world

1. All that I want is to be near to you
To spend my life making it clear to you
You are my heart, my soul, my dream come true
All that I am, I am because of you 

1. (repeat)

Because of you
Because of you

Where it was released:
First released on single 



- Spinout / All That I Am (RCA 47-8941) September 1966. Standard release. The original sleeve read, "Look for Elvis Album SPINOUT". In October the sleeves were changed to read "Ask for Elvis Album SPINOUT".

- Spinout / All That I Am (RCA 447-0658) February 1968. Gold Standard series reissue.

- Spinout (1966) 
- The Legendary Recordings of Elvis (1979) 
- Spinout (1980) 
- Double Features: Spinout / Double Trouble (1994)
- Command Performances - The Essential 60's Masters II (1995)
- Out In Hollywood (1999) - FTD 
- Elvis Chante Sid Tepper & Roy C. Bennet (2001)
- Spinout (2004) - FTD 

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