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An American Trilogy

An American Trilogy is a medley of three songs arranged by Mickey Newbury: Dixie, The Battle Hymn Of The Republic and All My Trials. His recording in 1971 (Elektra 45750) reached #26 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart.

Dixie was written on Sunday, April 3, 1859, by Dan Emmett for a minstrel show. The next night, the song was introduced by the Bryant Minstrels in New York City at Mechanics Hall. Dixie was first performed in the South in Charleston, South Carolina, in December 1860, by Rumsey and Newcomb. Before General Pick-the troops' morale. Abraham Lincoln requested that the song be played by the Union band upon hearing of General Lee's surrender at the Appomattox Court House on April 9, 1865. Dixie was one of several tunes played by the U.S. Army band as Elvis boarded the USS General Randall to sail to West Germany in 1959.

The words to The Battle Hymn Of The Republic were written by Julia Ward Howe in December 1861 at the Willward Hotel in Washington, D.C. A friend of Howe's, the Rev. James Freeman Clarke, had suggested that she write new war lyrics to the melody of John Brown's Body. In February 1862 the Atlantic Monthly published Howe's poem under the title The Battle Hymn Of The Republic. The title was suggested by the editor, who paid Howe five dollars.

Andy Williams sang The Battle Hymn Of The Republic at the 1968 funeral of Sen. Robert Kennedy. Three years earlier, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir had sung it at the inauguration of President Lyndon Johnson. (Their 1959 recording reached #13 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart - Columbia 41459).

All My Trials is a traditional song whose composer is unknown. In 1959 the Kingston Trio recorded a version of the song titled All My Sorrows (Capitol 4221).

Elvis sang An American Trilogy in concert on several occasions in the 1970's. It was always a show-stopper. His 1972 single release was recored from a performance at the Las Vegas Hilton on February 17, 1972. The flute solo on the recording was by Jimmy Mulidore. An American Trilogy had a siz-week stay on Billboard's Hot 100 chart, peaking at #66. On the Easy-Listening chart the song reached #31. An American Trilogy could be heard in the 1972 documentary Elvis On Tour (from an April 9, 1972 performance at Hampton Roads, Virginia and an April 14, 1972 performance in Greensboro, North Carolina); in the 1973 TV special, Elvis: Aloha From Hawaii; and in the 1981 documentary, This Is Elvis (clip from Elvis On Tour).

Wayne Newton sang An American Trilogy on July 14, 1980, at the Republican presidential nominating convention.


Oh I wish I was in the land of cotton
Old things they are not forgotten
Look away, look away, look away Dixieland
Oh I wish I was in Dixie, away, away
In Dixieland I take my stand to live and die in Dixie
Cause Dixieland, that's where I was born
Early Lord one frosty morning
Look away, look away, look away Dixieland

Glory, glory hallelujah
Glory, glory hallelujah
Glory, glory hallelujah
His truth is marching on

So hush little baby
Don't you cry
You know your daddy's bound to die
But all my trials, Lord will soon be over

Where it was released:
First released on single 


- An American Trilogy / The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (RCA 74-0672) April 1972. Standard release

- An American Trilogy / Until It's Time For You To Go (RCA 447-0685) May 1973. Gold Standard Series using a different flip side.

- The Impossible Dream / An American Trilogy (RCA JH-13302) August 1982. Promotional giveaway for visitors to Tupelo, Mississippi, in August 1982. The picture sleeve read, "Elvis-In Memory - August 16, 1982 - Tupelo, Mississippi. You touched all our lives with the heart of your music and the heart of your self. Not one of us is quite the same now that you've come - and gone again. Elvis - we remember you because we can never forget."

- An American Trilogy / Poor Boy (Collectables DPE1-10194019) December 1986.

- As Recorded At Madison Square Garden (1972) 
- Aloha From Hawaii Via Satellite (1973) 
- Recorded Live On Stage In Memphis (1974) 
- Recorded Live on Stage in Memphis (1977) 
- Elvis: His Songs of Inspiration (1977) 
- Elvis as Recorded at Madison Square Garden (1979) 
 Elvis Aron Presley (1980) 
 This Is Elvis (1981) 
- The Alternate Aloha (1988)
- The Great Performances (1990)
- The Essential Collection (1994)
- Walk A Mile In My Shoes - The Essential 70's Masters (1995) 
- All Time Greatest Hits (1997)
- An Afternoon In The Garden (1997)
- Platinum - A Life In Music (1997) 
- Elvis Aron Presley (1998)
- A Touch Of Plantinum, Volume 2 (1998)
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- Burning Love (1999)
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- Big Boss Man (2005)  FTD 
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- I Found My Thrill (2006) - FTD 
- An American Trilogy (2007)  FTD 
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 Sold Out! (2013) - FTD   
 Destination U.S.A. (2014) - FTD 
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- Home Town Shows (2016) - FTD 
 His Songs of Praise, Volume 1 (2016) - FTD 
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 Lake Tahoe '74 (2017) - FTD 
 The Bicentennial Show (2017) - FTD 
 Murfreesboro '74 (2018) - FTD 
 Omaha, Nebraska '74 (2018) - FTD 
 What Now My Love (2018) - FTD 
Bootleg Releases:
- Superstar Outtakes, Volume 2 (1977)  E.P. Records
- The Vegas Years, 1972-1975 (1976)  TAKRL
- From Las Vegas... To Niagara Falls (1974)  Live Productions
- Aloha Rehearsal Show - Kui Lee Cancer Benefit (1980)  Amiga Records
- A Dog's Life (1980)  Audifon Records
- Elvis On Tour (1980)  Amiga Records

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