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Animal Instinct

(Giant, Baum & Kaye)

Animal Instinct has been slated to be sung in Elvis's 1965 film Harum Scarum, but was cut form the final print. It's been rumoured that some prints of the film with Animal Instinct do exist, but the authors of the book Elvis - From A-Z have never talked with anyone wo have seen it. Elvis recorded the song at RCA's Nashville studios in February 1965, probably on the 24th. Bill Giant, Bernie Baum and Florence Kaye are the composers.


Don't ever take your eyes off me
Not even for a minute
'Cause like a panther I might pounce
And there'll be danger in it

I can be sneaky, fast as a snake
I strike like a cobra, make no mistake
And baby, you'll be trapped quick as a wink
It's animal instinct

Don't think that I won't pin you down
No matter how you plead it
I'm like a lion who's been caged
And you're the meat I've needed

Watch out, I'll warn ya', sharp as a hawk
I'm wild as a tiger, I prowl and I stalk
'Cause when a man feels thirst, he takes a drink
It's animal instinct

You better not be caught off guard
This wolf is on the search now
A leopard just can't change its spots
And I'm about to lurch now

I roar like the jungle, I fight tooth and nail
I just gotta get you, you'll fall without fail
I'm ready for the kill, I'm right on the brink
It's animal instinct
Animal instinct, it's animal instinct

Where it was released:
First released on the album Harum Scarum 
- Harum Scarum (1965) 
- Double Features: Girl Happy / Harum Scarum (1993)
- Harum Scarum (2003) - FTD 

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