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Beyond The Reef



Beyond The Reef was written by Jack Pittman and recorded in 1950 by Jimmy Wakely and Margaret Whiting (Capitol 1234). That same year, the Blue Barron Orchestra had a popular version for MGM Records (MGM 10766).

On May 27, 1966, Elvis, Red West and Charlie Hodge recorded Beyond The Reef at RCAs Nashville studios. West sang lead, Elvis sang second tenor and played piano and Charlie Hodge sang first tenor. The recording was unacceptable because of a faulty backing track. On August 9, 1968, a new instrumental track was recorded with personnel consisting of Ray Edenton (guitar), Norbert Putnam (bass), Jerry Byrd (steel guitar) and Buddy Harman (drums). Apparently, the track was recorded right onto the master. Beyond The Reef remained unreleased until 1980, when it appeared in the boxed set Elvis Aron Presley. In England, Beyond The Reef was released as a single with Its Only Love (RCA PR-9601).


Beyond the reef where the sea is dark and cold
My love has gone from me and my dreams grow cold
There'll be no tears, there'll be no regretting
Will she remember me, will she forget?
I'll send a thousand flowers
Where the trade winds blow
I'll send my lonely heart for I love her so
Some day I know, she'll come back again to me
Till then my heart will be beyond the reef
1. (repeat)
Till then my heart will be beyond the reef
Where it was released:
Released for the first time on the box set Elvis Aron Presley 
 Elvis Aron Presley (1980) 
- From Nashville To Memphis - The Essential 60's Masters (1993) 
- Elvis Aron Presley (1998) 
- A Canadian Tribute (1999)
- Elvis In A Private Moment (2000) - FTD 

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