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Girl of Mine


(Reed / Mason)

Elvis recorded Girl of Mine on July 24, 1973, at Stax Studios in Memphis. Barny Mason and Les Reed are the composers.


When you're asleep beside me, I watch you lying there
Your hand upon the pillow and moonlight in your hair
I get the warmest feeling, so good I almost cry
I kiss your sleeping lips and say I'll love you 'till I die

1. Oh, girl of mine, you make my day
One sunny smile and all the clouds just roll away
Eyes deep as the sea seem to say to me
Our love will always be
So girl of mine, turn out the light
And in my arms together we'll make sweet love tonight
Down life's golden road and you'll always know
I love you ... girl of mine

Sometimes I know I hurt you when things ain't goin' right
I walk away and leave you to face the lonely night
I wouldn't blame you, darlin', if you walked out on me
But I return to find you there still waiting patiently

1. (Repeat)

Where it was released:
Released for the first time on the album Raised On Rock 



- Raised On Rock (1973)

- Our Memories of Elvis (1979)

- Essential Elvis, Volume 5 Rhythm & Country (1998)

- Raised on Rock (2007) FTD  

- Our Memories of Elvis, Volume 1, 2 & 3 (2012) - FTD

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