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I'm Coming Home




Charlie Rich wrote I’m Comin’ Home for Carl Mann (Phillips International 3555) in 1960. Mann’s recording did not chart. However, when Elvis recorded I’m Comin’ Home on March 12, 1961, at RCA’s Nashville studios, he copied Mann’s phrasing, and Floyd Cramer copied the piano playing from the record.


1. Well, it's so very hard to have
to leave the one you love
And you get more lonely with each passing day
It's so lonely just sitting and dreaming of
That girl thousand miles away

Yes, it's still lonely having just her picture here with me
And I know I just can't stand it anymore
I'm gonna leave right now and go back where I oughtta be
Goin' home to the girl that I adore

1. (repeate)

Well, every time I hear her sweet voice on the telephone
I know I just can't stand it another day
I'm gonna call her right back and tell her that I'm coming home and stay
Call her back and say I’m comin' home to stay
Call her back and say I’m comin' home to stay

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