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Let Me


(Matson / Presley)


Elvis sang Let Me in his first movie, Love Me Tender. He recorded the song on August 2 or September 24, 1956, at Radio Recorders. The film version had girls screaming and clapping. Although Elvis and Vera Matson are credited with writing Let Me, Ken Darby is the composer.



Whenever I dance with the girl I love
My head goes round and round
When she's close to me
I can't stay on the ground

Whenever I dance with the girl I love
I never have a care
All night I'm so light
I walk right on the air

1. Oh let me, oh honey, let me
Let me do what you know I love to do
Please take another chance and let me
Let me have another dance with you

Whenever I feel those pretty arms
Reaching round about
That feeling goes to my toes
And all the lights go out, go out, go out

Whenever I see those eyes of blue
Smiling up so shy
I'm in such a spin I take right off and fly

1. (Repeat)

So let me dance in the arms I love
Thrill me through and through
I'm so drunk with love
And all I see is you

I never hear the music play
I never see the crowd
Only you and me
Dancing on a cloud

1. (Repeat)


Where it was released:

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