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Let Us Pray


(Kaye / Weisman)


Elvis sang Let Us Pray in his 1969 film, Change of Habit. The film version of the song was recorded at Decca Recording Studios in Universal City on March 6, 1969. The version on record was recorded at RCA’s Nashville studios, probably on September 22, 1969. Let Us Pray was written by Ben Weisman and Buddy Kaye.



Come praise the Lord for He is good

Come join in love and brotherhood
We'll hear the word and bring our gifts of bread and wine
And we'll be blessed beneath the sign

1. So let us pray together, pray together
Pray with one mighty voice
And let us sing together, sing together
Pray and we'll rejoice (we'll rejoice)

When strangers reach out for your hand (for your hand)
Respond to them and understand (heaven obeyed to understand)
We'll rise as one to calm the storm outside the gate (calm the storm)
With faith in Him we won't be leave (never leave)

1. (Repeat)

(We'll rejoice)
The love of God is on our side (love is, love is on our side)
We have the strength to move the tide (we'll move the tide)
The world will say so, there'll be peace and love for all (love for all)
And we must hear our brothers’ call

1. (Repeat)

Love for all, love for all to the Lord
We'll rejoice love for all to the Lord
We'll rejoice love for all to the Lord
We'll rejoice for the Lord


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