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Make Believe

(Hammerstein / Kern)


This song was released for the first time in 1999, in The Home Recordings. Just before singing this song, Elvis is singing Hands Off, which was rewrite of an old country song, Keep Your Hands Off Of It (Birthday Cake). Some claim to remember Elvis singing Birthday Cake back in Lauderdale Courts, but by 1960, he couldn’t remember much of either version. Then, in a musical volte-face, he switched to Make Believe, an Oscar Hammerstein-Jerome Kern song from Showboat. Elvis is joined by Red West and a 20th Century Fox wardrobe girl, Nancy Sharp, whom he’d met on the set of Flaming Star. This song was recorded in Perugia Way, in Bel Air, where Elvis decamped while filming. Red West preserved a home performance from the Fall of 1960.



We couldn't make believe
La la la, make believe
But your love, dear
La la, could pretending, couldn't you
Couldn't I, couldn't we
Make believe our lips are blending
In a special kiss
For to love me miles away
Make believe I love you
For to tell me true, I do

Where it was released:

Released for the fist time on The Home Recordings



- The Home Recordings (1999)

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