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Memphis Tennessee



Memphis Tennessee was written and recorded by Chuck Berry in 1959 as the flip side to Back in the U.S.A. (Chess 1729). He sang it later that year in the movie, Go, Johnny, Go! Bo Didley played rhythm guitar on Berry’s recording, which did not chart. Berry’s 1964 follow-up to Memphis Tennessee, called Little Marie (Chess 1912), did chart, reaching #54 on the Hot 100 chart. Several artists have recorded Memphis Tennessee, including Lonnie Mack (Fraternity 906) in 1963, Johnny  Rivers (Imperial 66032) in 1964, and Buck Owens (Capitol 5446) in 1965. All three used the title Memphis. The biggest hit was Johnny Rivers's recording, which reached #2 on the Hot 100 chart and became a million-seller. Memphis Tennessee was a 1963 hit in England for Dave Berry and the Cruisers. (Berry's real name was David Grundy. He changed his last name to that of his idol, Chuck Berry).


Elvis first recorded Memphis Tennessee on May 27, 1963, at RCA's Nashville Studios, but that version has not been released. The version that appears on record was recorded on January 12, 1964.



Long distance information give me Memphis, Tennessee
Help me find the party trying to get in touch with me
She could not leave her number but I know who placed the call
My uncle took the message and he wrote it on the wall

Help me information to get in touch with my Marie
She's the only one who'd phone me here from Memphis, Tennessee
Her home is on the south side, high upon a ridge
Just a half a mile from the Mississippi bridge

Help me information more than that I cannot add
Only that I miss her and all the fun we had
But we were pulled apart because her mom did not agree
Tore apart our happy home in Memphis, Tennessee

The last time I saw Marie she was waving me goodbye
With hurry home drops on her cheeks that trickled from her eye
Marie is only six years old, Information please
Try to put me through to her in Memphis, Tennessee


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