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Santa Lucia


(Cottrau / Oliphant)


Santa Lucia was written by Italian songwriter Theodoro Cottrau in 1850. English lyrics were by Thomas Oliphant.


Elvis sang Santa Lucia in his 1964 movie Viva Las Vegas. He recorded the song in July 1963 at Radio Recorders. In the film version, Ann-Margret hummed along with Elvis at the beginning of Santa Lucia and then talked with Cesare Danova during the rest of the song.



1. Sul mare luccica / Over the sea

L'astro d'argento / Shines a silver star
Placida l'onda / Placid is the wave
Prospero il vento / Fair is the wind


1 (repeat)

Venite all'agile / Come to my sweet
Barchetta mia / Little boat
Santa Lucia / Santa Lucia
Santa Lucia... / Santa Lucia...

Where it was released

Released for the fist time on Elvis for Everyone (1965) 


- Elvis For Everyone (1965)

- Burning Love and Hits From His Movies, Volume 2 (1972)
Pickwick Pack (1978)

- Le Disque d'Or (1978)

- The Elvis Presley Collection, Volume 2 (1979)

- Double Features: Roustabout / Viva Las Vegas (1993)

- More Romantics (1997)

- Viva Las Vegas (2003) FTD

- Burning Love and Hits From His Movies, Volume 2 (2007)

Elvis for Everyone (2014) - FTD

The Viva Las Vegas Sessions (2018) - FTD

The Making of Viva Las Vegas (2019) - FTD


Bootleg Releases:

- Viva Las Vegas! (1979) - Lucky Records


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