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Scratch my Back


(Giant / Baum / Kaye)


Elvis sang Scratch My Back in a duet with Marianna Hill in his 1966 movie Paradise Hawaiian Style. The instrumental track was recorded on July 26, 1965, at Radio Recorders. Elvis's vocal was recorded on August 3. Take #2 was selected for record release. Scratch My Back was written by Bill Giant, Bernie Baum and Florence Kaye.



One good turn deserves another

Be my love, I'll be your lover
It's all part of nature's laws
If you'll scratch my back then I'll scratch yours

1. If you'll scratch my back, then I'll scratch your back
Like two peas in a pack, let's get rid of our itch together, Hmm

Joy they say is in the giving
Come on give, make life worth living
Your welfare is my concern
Do a favour for me, I'll do one in return

1. (repeat)

Scratch me now a little lower
What a feeling, do it slower
That's it, Hmm, you're getting hot
Well, I gotta admit, you just hit the spot

1. 1. (repeat)

Where it was released

Released for the fist time on Paradise Hawaiian Style (1966) 


- Paradise Hawaiian Style (1966)

- Double Features: Frankie and Johnny / Paradise Hawaiian Style (1994)

- Paradise Hawaiian Style (2004) FTD


Bootleg Releases:

- A Dog's Life (1980) - Audifon Records

- Hawaii U.S.A. (1987) - Laurel


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