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Something Blue


(Evans / Byron)


Something Blue was written by Paul Evans and Al Byron and recorded by Elvis on March 18, 1962, at RCA's Nashville studios.




Something old, the time's gone buy
Something new, these tears I cry
Something borrowed were those lips my lips knew
And that's why I'm something blue

Something old, the vows we made
Something new, the price I paid
Something borrowed, love was tried but not true
Now my life is something blue

I guess that I had better smile
Walking behind you down the aisle
I feel I'm walking to my doom
I'm really not the best man in this room

1. Something old, the dreams we planned
Something new, his wedding band
Something borrowed was the heart I gave you
You returned it torn in two

1. (repeat)

And that's why,
And that's why I'm something blue


Where it was released:

Released for the fist time on Pot Luck 



- Pot Luck (1962)

- From Nashville to Memphis The Essential 60s Masters (1993) - box set

- Are You Lonesome Tonight (1997)

- Platinum A Life in Music (1997) - box set

- A Touch of Platinum, Volume 1 (1998)

- Love Songs (1999)

- Studio B: Nashville Outtakes (2003) FTD

- Tickle Me (2005) FTD

- Pot Luck With Elvis (2007) - FTD

Elvis for Everyone (2014) - FTD


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