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Swing Down Sweet Chariot





Swing Down Sweet Chariot is based on Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, which was arranged in 1917 by Henry Thacker Burleigh. Burleigh, in turn, based his arrangement on an old black spiritual that dates back to at least 1872. Numerous artists have recorded Swing Down Sweet Chariot over the years, including the Fisk University Jubilee Quartet (Victor 16453) in 1910, Benny Goodman (Victor 25492), the Ink Spots (Decca 1230), and Bing Crosby (Decca 1809). The Champs had an instrumental version in 1958 titled Chariot Rock (Challenge 59018).


Elvis recorded Swing Down Sweet Chariot on October 31, 1960, at RCA's Nashville studios. Vocal backing was by the Jordanaires. He recorded another version in 1968 (October 14 or 24) at United Recorders in Hollywood for his film The Trouble With Girls. Take #10 was used in the movie. The 1966 single release did not chart.




1. Why don't you swing down sweet chariot, stop and let me ride
Swing down chariot, stop and let me ride
Rock me Lord, rock me Lord, calm and easy
Well, I’ve got a home on the other side

1. (repeat)

Well, well, well, well, well, well

Ezekial went down in the middle of a field
He saw an angel workin' on a chariot wheel
Wasn't so particular 'bout the chariot wheel
Just wanted to see how a chariot feel

1. (repeat)

Ezekial went down and he got on board
Chariot went a bumpin' on down the road
Zeke wasn't so particular 'bout the bumpin' of the road
Just wanted to lay down his heavy load

1. (repeat)

Well, I got a father in the promised land
Ain't no more stoppin' till I shake his hand
Rock me Lord, rock me Lord, calm and easy
Well, I've got a home on the other side

1. (repeat)

Where it was released:

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Bootleg Releases:

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