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(Stephens / Reed)



Elvis recorded Sylvia on June 8, 1970, at RCA's Nashville studios. Geoff Stephens and Les Reed are the composers.




These long lonely evenings here I am on the phone
Wondering when she will call
She said she would write me 'cause she knows Im alone
But I hear nothing at all

1. I'm waiting for a word of love from Sylvia
You think she'd never heard of love, my Sylvia,
But when Im with her, Lord, I forgive her
'Cause she's more than the whole world to me

2. There's nothing like a word of love from Sylvia
The only one Im thinking of is Sylvia
Feeling so sad now, I'll be so glad now
If I just had my Sylvia with me

That old weepin' willow seems to whisper her name
Why did she go away
The tears on my pillow they're not hard to explain
There's nothing else I can say

1.2. (repeat)

Where it was released:

Released for the fist time on Elvis Now 



- Elvis Now (1972)

- Are You Lonesome Tonight (1997)

- Ballads (1999)

- Thats the Way It Is Special Edition (2000)

- The Nashville Marathon (2002) - FTD

- Love Letters (2008) - FTD 
- Elvis Now (2010) - FTD 
 That's The Way It Is - 50th Anniversary Collector's Edition (2020) - FTD 

Bootleg Releases:

- Plantation Rock (1979) - Audifon Records


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