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Tell Me Why





Tell Me Why was written by Titus Turner and first recorded by Marie Knight (Wing 90069) in early 1956. Later that year, both Gale Storm (Dot 15470) and the Crew Cuts (Mercury 70890) recorded the song.


Elvis recorded Tell Me Why on January 12, 1957, at Radio Recorders. Take #5 was chosen for release. Tell Me Why remained unreleased for almost nine years. When it was finally released as a single in 1966, it had a seven-weeks stay on Billboard's Hot 100 chart, peaking at #33. Sales of over a million copies have been claimed for Tell Me Why.



Every time I look at someone new

Tell me why I think of you
Then you sometimes ask me by
You're playing with love, darling, tell me why

You left me all alone to cry over you
My heart is torn and broken
And there's nothing left to do

In my prayers I'll mention you
When you're gone I feel so blue
Why can't I have all of you
Oh, somebody, please tell me why

Where it was released:

Released for the fist time on single 


- Tell Me Why / Blue River (RCA 47-8740) January 1966. Standard release 
- Tell Me Why / Blue River (RCA 447-0655) February 1968. Gold Standard Series reissue.



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