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That's My Desire

(Loveday / Kresa)



Carroll Loveday and Helmy Kresa wrote That's My Desire in 1931. Sixteen years later, both Frankie Laine (Mercury 5007) and Sammy Kaye (RCA 2251) had big hits with the song, reaching #7 and #3 respectively on Billboard's Best-Selling Singles chart.


That's My Desire was sung by Jerry Lee Lewis during the Million-Dollar-Quartet session, where Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash were also present. In 1968 the song was one of the many that he rehearsed for the Elvis TV special, but did not use in the broadcast. Below are the only lines that Elvis sang during one of those rehearsals (taken from Let Yourself Go, by Follow That Dream), followed by the complete original lyrics.


Lyrics (lines by Elvis):

To spend one night with you
In our old rendezvous
That's my desire

I'll gaze between your eyes devine




To spend one night with you
In our old rendezvous
And reminisce with you
That's my desire

To meet where gypsies play
Down in that dim café
And dance till break of day
That's my desire

We'll sip a little glass of wine
And I'll gaze into your eyes divine
I'll feel the touch of your lips
Pressing on mine

1. To hear you whisper low
Just when it's time to go
"Cheri, I love you so"
"You're my desire"

1. (repeat)

You're my desire

Where it was released:

First released on The Million Dollar Quartet
- The Million Dollar Quartet (1990)
- The Complete Million Dollar Quartet (2006)
- Let Yourself Go (2006) - FTD » 
- The Complete '68 Comeback Special (2008)


Bootleg Releases:

- Elvis Rocks and the Girls Roll (1986) - Pink and Black

- The One Million Dollar Quartet (1987) - S Records


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