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Thinking About You





Elvis recorded Thinking About You on December 12, 1973, at Stax Studios. His single release did not chart. Thinking About You was composed by Tim Baty.


Woke up this morning and I tried to call you

But you weren't there and it kinda put me in despair
So I thought that maybe I could lose my mind
In the countryside so I went for a ride

1. But I never stopped thinking about you
Found myself wishing you were there
Just to be with me, feel the breeze
Sun didn't smile I didn't care

I decided to try just one more time
To let you know I still love you so
Before I arrived I saw you go away
With another guy, a tear filled my eye

1. (repeat)

A long time has past since that day I cried
Life is fine and I'm doin' fine
When I'm at home and I feel all alone
Well I think of you, try to get a message through

1. 1. (repeat)


Where it was released:

First released on Promised Land 


- My Boy / Thinking About You (RCA PB-10191) January 1975. Standard release

- My Boy / Thinking About You (RCA GB-10489) February 1976. Gold standard series reissue.


- Promised Land (1975)

Our Memories of Elvis, Volume 2 (1979)

- Walk a Mile in My Shoes - The Essential 70's Masters (1995) - box set

- Essential Elvis, Volume 5 - Rhythm and Country (1998)

- Made in Memphis (2006) - FTD

- Promised Land (2011) - FTD

- Our Memories of Elvis, Volume 1, 2 & 3 (2012) - FTD

- Hits of the 70s (2012) - FTD

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