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What Now My Love


(Delanoe / Bécaud / Sigman)



French composers P. Delanoe and Gilbert Bécaud wrote What Now My Love in 1962 under the French title Et Maintenant. Carl Sigman later adapted English lyrics to the song. The first U.S. release of What Now My Love was probably Al Martino's in October 1965 (Capitol 5506). In 1966 Kapp Records released Gilbert Bécaud's original version on the LP What Now My Love (Kapp 1353). That same year, Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Band had a million-selling LP titled What Now My Love (A&M SP4114) that contained the popular song of the same title. The single release (A&M 792) peaked at #2 on Billboard's Easy-Listening chart and those by Sonny and Cher (Atco 6395) in 1966 and Mitch Ryder (Dyno Voice 901) in 1967.


Elvis sang What Now My Love in the rehearsal concert (January 12, 1973) for the TV Special Elvis: Aloha From Hawaii, as well as in the special itself, on January 14.



What now my love, now that you left me

How can I live through another day
Watching my dreams turn into ashes
And all my hopes into bits of clay
Once I could see, once I could feel
Now I'm numb, I've become unreal
I walk the night, oh, without a goal
Stripped of my heart, my soul
What now my love, now that it's over
I feel the world closing in on me
Here comes the stars tumbling around me
And there's the sky where the sea should be
What now my love, now that you're gone
I'd be a fool to go on and on
No one would care, no one would cry
If I should live or die
What now my love, now there is nothing
Only my last goodbye
Only my last goodbye

Where it was released:

First released on Aloha From Hawaii »


- Aloha From Hawaii via Satellite (1973)



- Aloha From Hawaii (1973) »

- The Greatest Show on Earth (1978) »

- The Alternate Aloha (1988)

- The Country Side of Elvis (1999)

- The Home Recordings (1999)

- In a Private Moment (2000)

- Takin’ Tahoe Tonight! (2003) - FTD »

- Closing Night (2004) – FTD »

- Summer Festival (2005) - FTD »

- Elvis Live (2006)

- I’ll Remember You (2008) – FTD »

– 3000 South Paradise Road (2012) - FTD »

– Destination U.S.A. (2014) - FTD »

What Now My Love (2018) - FTD »

The Making of Viva Las Vegas (2019) - FTD »


Bootleg Releases:

- The Monologue LP (1973) - Bullet Records
- The Entertainer (1978) - Rooster Record Company
- Aloha Rehearsal Show - Kui Lee Concert Benefit (1980) - Amiga Records

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