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Woman Without Love





Woman Without Love was written by Jerry Chestnut and originally recorded by Bob Luman (Epic 10416), although his version was released three days after Johnny Darrell's (United Artists 50481) in late 1968. It was Darrell's version that became the hit, peaking at #20 on Billboard's country chart. Luman's release did not chart.


Elvis recorded Woman Without Love on March 12, 1975, at RCA's Nashville studios.


Her eyes tell the story so well she tries hard to hide

So little expected too often neglected, a woman stripped of her pride
Always so careful not to cry until I fall asleep
And there in the silence she lies with a tear on her cheek

1. A thought comes to mind, did I read it sometime, or hear it I can't quite recall
That a
man without love’s only half a man but a woman is nothing at all


She knows I don’t love her although heaven knows how I tried

Her reason for living is to go right on giving the one thing that she’s been denied

Without any warning in the wee hours of the morning she cries

The hurt deep inside she tries so to hide is beginning to show in her eyes


1. (Repeat)

A man without love’s only half a man but a woman is nothing at all


Where it was released:

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- Are You Lonesome Tonight (1997)

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