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The Tupelo Elvis Fan Club is partnered with the Tupelo Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) to help bring the dream of honoring Elvis with a life-size statue to fruition. CVB had committed $50,000 to the project. The Tupelo Elvis Fan Club has committed to raise the remaining $25,000 to bring the statue of this beautiful image of Elvis to the Fairpark District on 9th August 2012.

The statue is modeled after the iconic Roger Marshutz photograph lovingly referred to by fans the world over as, “The Hands” (taken on 26/09/1956, during the benefit concert Elvis gave in the town). The statue will be life-size and mounted on a four foot platform so fans may walk up to the statue and outstretch their hands as in the Marshutz photograph. There will be a bricked area circling the statue. Bricks may be purchased and the donor's name and message will be engraved into the brick. Together, we can all make this a reality.

Elvis gave many donations throughout his life to his birth town, but he died without having the chance to see many of the projects he had in mind (like the church, the youth recreation center, with tennis courts and pool, etc) come to a reality. Great part of the area surrounding Elvis birthplace was built with donations collected in a similar way, mostly by fans and other associates. And Elvis 100% has also contributed!







The new Elvis statue, in Tupelo.

Elvis 100% will be present, next to this new statue in Tupelo, to be unveiled this August! And here is a preview of the brick that was put there and that we have acquired to help with our donation for the accomplishment of this project.

The donation certificate that certifies this donation which amounted to 110 US dollars (86.16 Euros), it was sent to us and we share it with you all below. See also the payment comprovative.

The new statue was unveiled on 9th August 2012, around 08:30 p.m., and in the photo we can see the unveiling cerimony, with several fans present. These came in great numbers to snap the statue and touch Elvis's out stretched hand. They could also enjoy the music by Mississippi natives, Eden Brent and Marty Stuart.



Mayor Jack Reed Jr., U.S. Rep. Steve Holland, a representative from Congressman Alan Nunnelee’s office and Roy Turner, a documentary filmmaker with the Tupelo Elvis Presley Fan Club, all welcomed fans from down the road and across the pond to the statue’s debut.

Elvis 100%'s donation, through the acquisition of a brick, cost 110 US Dollars (86.18 Euros). Thanks to your contributions, we have reached that amount in order to pay for the brick in full and, therefore, not affect the fan club's accounting!


We hereby inform the names of the members who have contributed for this cause (in alphabetical order):


Anabela Pereira, Arsénio Gaião, Célia Carvalho, Joaquim Leal de Meira, José Rosário and Sérgio Nascimento


The certificate that the Tupelo Fan Club was to send and which serves as proof of our donation only reached us at the beginning of November 2012 and we leave it here for all of you to see. (Note: Even though several people have contributed for this project, the certificate was issued in the name of Célia Carvalho, since the payment was advanced by her with her personal credit card and ultimately given by the members).


We just need to thank you all, since, after all, the brick that we have bought to help this project and the finalization of this statue... is also a bit ours! And now we just need to travel to Tupelo in order to see it with our own eyes! - The Board of Directors.

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