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In here we are going to include all the informatin we can get on Portuguese releases in vinyl. Whenever we find new information, this will be added. (Note: this information is taken from private collections).

ingle Separate Ways
(Ref. 20089)

Single The Wonder Of You
(Ref. 20010)

Single Way Down
(Ref. PB-0998)


Single Moody Blue
(Ref. PB-0857)

Single Raised On Rock
(Ref. APA0-0088)

Single Polk Salad Annie
(Ref. 20121, mono)

Single Tutti Frutti
(Ref. PB-9426)

Single Fool
(Ref. 20114, mono)

Single My Way
(Ref. PB-1165)

Single Where Did They Go Lord
(Ref. 20022, mono)

Promotional Single
Guitar Man
(Ref. PB-2158, very rare)

Promotional Single
Guitar Man
(Ref. PB-2158, very rare, white label)


Limited Edition Single
It's Only Love
(Ref. PB-9601)


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