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Elvis at the Movies: What Happened

Legends: Elvis in Spinout and King Creole.

On the 27th and 29th October 2001, Cinemateca, by suggestion of Elvis 100%, presented two Elvis movies, King Creole and Spinout, respectively, both at 09.30pm. One hundred and thirty people attended to both sessions. The Fan Club grabbed the opportunity to promote its existance through the distribution of Subsriptions Forms and advertising leaflets. We also erected posters of the Fan Club and a copy of the article Correio da Manhã published (go to Press) was put close to the ticket's office.

Legendas: Célia Carvalho and José João Simões, welcoming everybody (Victor Rodrigues in the back). / Judite Santos, Humberto Ladeira and Sandra Santos, at the entrance of the palace. / Carlos Santos.

The positive aspects were many: Elvis on the big screen after almost 20 years, the emotion of seeing him in a theatre in Portugal, the fans that became new members and the ones that will still become members due to this intiative. The fact that we were responsible for the translation of the King Creole's subtitles and for having received the due credit at the end of the movie's credits was also very important (Cinemateca doesn't usually presents movies with subtitles, but as they knew this was very important for us and our members, they made the translation for Spinout's subtitles themselves).

Legendas: Serafim Cortizo and José João Simões, at the reception area. / The beautiful room where the movies were screened.

Nothing would have been possible without the acceptance and the nice way Cinemateca conceded to our suggestion. We thank that institution for that and also the invitations they gave to all the members of Elvis 100%'s board of directors. We also have to thank the presence of all the members who were present in both sessions - remember that that is very important for the development of future projects/initiatives, whether they're related to Cinemateca or not.

Legendas: Paulo Henriques and Nelson Anjos.

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