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Hawaii U.S.A.

(Giant / Baum / Kaye)

The instrumental track to Paradise Hawaiian Style
(the title song of Elvis’s 1966 film of the same name), was laid on July 27, 1965, at Radio Recorders. Elvis’s vocal was recorded on August 4. The film version had added instrumentation. A splice of takes #3 and #4 was used by RCA on record. Paradise Hawaiian Style was written by Bill Giant, Bernie Baum and Florence Kaye using the working title, Hawaii U.S.A.

Elvis’s 1973 TV special Elvis: Aloha From Hawaii, began with a few lines from Paradise Hawaiian Style, although they aren’t on the soundtrack album.


1. Hawaii, U.S.A., Hawaii, U.S.A..
We're flyin', comin' your way
Aloha, Hawaii U.S.A.

Gee, it's great, to be in that fiftieth state
The land of enchanted dreams
What an isle, where it's heaven tropical style
Where love weaves a spell, it seems

1. (repeat)

Gee, what fun, just to swim and surf in the sun
While the trade winds caress the sea
What a sight, those exotic scenes of delight
Are waiting for you and me

Hawaii, U.S.A. ... Hawaii... U.S.A. ... Hawaii… U.S.A. ...

Where it was released:
Released for the first time on the album Paradise Hawaiian Style »


- Paradise Hawaiian Style (1966) »

- Command Performances – The Essential 60’s Masters II (1995)

- Paradise Hawaiian Style (2004) – FTD »


Bootleg Releases:

- A Dog’s Life (1980) - Audifon Records

- Hawaii U.S.A. (1987) - Laurel

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