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In My Way


(Wise / Weisman)


Elvis sang In My Way in his 1961 movie Wild In The Country. The song, written by Fred Wise and Ben Weisman, was recorded on November 7, 1960, at Radio Recorders.  Take # 8 was released by RCA. In 1965 Dave Kaye recorded In My Way (Decca 12073) in England, dedicating it to Elvis. Elvis was also mentioned in the lyrics.


I may not be here tomorrow

But I'm close beside you today
So lie to me a little, say you love me a lot
And I'll be true to you in my way

Love never goes on forever
At least that's what wise men all say
So smile when you kiss me, tomorrow you may cry
But I'll be true to you in my way
Yes, I'll be true to you in my way

Where it was released:

Released for the fist time on Elvis For Everyone 



- Elvis For Everyone (1965)

- Separate Ways (1973)
- Separate Ways (1975)
Pickwick Pack (1978)

- The Elvis Presley Collection, Volume 2 (1979)

- Double Features: Flaming Star / Wild in the Country / Follow That Dream (1995)

- Silver Screen Stereo (2001) - FTD

- Close Up (2003)

- Wild in the Country (2008) - FTD

Elvis for Everyone (2014) - FTD

The Something For Everybody Sessions (2020) - FTD


Bootleg Releases:

- Behind Closed Doors (1979) Audifon Records

- The Complete Wild In the Country Sessions (1988) Laurel

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