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Just For Old Time Sake


(Tepper / Bennett)


Sid Tepper and Roy C. Bennett wrote Just For Old Time Sake for Elvis, who recorded the song on March 18, 1962, at RCAs Nashville studios.



Just for old time sake
Wont you give my heart a break
Let's get together again
Let's relive the time
I was yours and you were mine
Life was so wonderful then

1. I know, now I know the day I'd let you go
I'd made my greatest mistake
If you loved me then
You could love me once again
Won't you try just for old time sake


1. (Repeat)


Where it was released:

Released for the fist time on Pot Luck 


- Pot Luck (1962)

- The Legendary Recordings of Elvis (1979)

- From Nashville to Memphis The Essential 60s Masters (1993) box set

- Long Lonely Highway (2000) - FTD

- Elvis Chante Sid Tepper & Roy C. Bennett (2001)

- Studio B: Nashville Outtakes (2003) FTD

- Tickle Me (2005) FTD

- Pot Luck With Elvis (2007) - FTD

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