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Long Black Limousine


(Stovall / George)


While Bobby George was stationed in the Air Force in West Germany in 1954, he overheard a wife telling her husband that she wished she was rich so she could ride in a long black limousine. The phrase stayed with him. In 1962 he and Vern Stovall wrote Long Black Limousine, which was first recorded by Gordon Terry (RCA 47-7989). Later that year, Glen Campbell also recorded the song (Capitol 4856). Neither version charted. Jody Miller had the first and only chart recording of Long Black Limousine (Capitol 2290) in 1968. Her version reached #73 on the country chart.


Elvis recorded Long Black Limousine at American Sound Studios on January 13, 1969. It was the first song he recorded there.



There's a long line of mourners driving down our little street
Their fancy cars are such a sight to see, oh yeah
They're all your rich friends who knew you in the city
Well now they've finally brought, brought you home to me, you

When you left you know you told me that some day you'd be returnin'
In a fancy car, all the town to see, oh yeah
Well, now everyone is watching you, you finally got your dream
Well, you're ridin' in a long black limousine

You know the papers they told of how you lost your life, oh yeah
The party, the party and the fatal crash that night
Well, the race along the highway, oh the curve you didn't see
Well, you were ridin' in that long black limousine

Through tear filled eyes I watch as ride pass by, yeah
A chauffeur, a chauffeur at the wheel dressed up so fine
Well I'll never, I'll never love another
Oh my heart, all my dreams, yeah, they're with you in that long black limousine

Yeah, yeah, they're with you in that long black limousine

Yeah, yeah, they're with you in that long black limousine

Yeah, yeah, they're with you in that long black limousine...


Where it was released:

Released for the fist time on From Elvis in Memphis 


- From Elvis in Memphis (1969)

- The Memphis Record (1987)

- From Nashville to Memphis The Essential 60s Masters (1993) box set

- Suspicious Minds (1999)

- Too Much Monkey Business (2000) - FTD

- From Elvis in Memphis; Promised Land; Moody Blue (2001)

- Memphis Sessions (2001) FTD

- The Country Side of Elvis (2001) 

From Elvis in Memphis (2013) - FTD

From Elvis at American Sound Studios (2013) - FTD

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