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(Wayne / Weisman / Fuller)



Spinout was written by Sid Wayne, Ben Weisman, and Dolores Fuller and sung by Elvis in his 1966 film with the same name. The instrumental track was recorded at Radio Recorders in February 1966. Elvis's vocal track was recorded later. The single release of Spinout had a seven-week stay on Billboard's Hot 100 chart, peaking at #40. Some sources have indicated that Spinout had worldwide sales of over one million copies.




When her motor's warm and she's purrin' sweet
Buddy, let me warn ya', you're on a one-way street
She'll crowd ya' close and spin your wheels
Then you're gonna know how it feels
To spinout… spinout

Better watch those curves, never let her steer
If she can shake your nerves, boy, then she can strip your gears
She'll get your heart to goin' fast
Then she'll let you run out of gas
So spinout... spinout

1. The road to love is full of danger signs
Too many guys were lost
Who crossed those double lines

2. Doncha’ know she's out to prove she can really score
Never saw parts move, boy, like that before
To flag you down, that's her goal
Scoot before you lose control
And spinout... spinout


1. 2. (repeat)



Where it was released:

Released for the fist time on Spinout »


- Spinout / All That I Am (RCA 47-8941) September 1966. Standard release. The original sleeve read, "Look for Elvis Album SPINOUT". In October the sleeves were changed to read "Ask for Elvis Album SPINOUT" »

- Spinout / All That I Am (RCA 447-0658) February 1968. Gold Standard series reissue.



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