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EP: Elvis / Jaye P. Morgan


Side 1

Rip It Up

Love Me

Side 2

When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again


Side 1
You Turned the Tables on Me (Jaye P. Morgan)

I Fall in Love With You Every Day (Jaye P. Morgan)

Side 2

Guess I'll Have to Change My Plan (Jaye P. Morgan)

Can't We Be Friends (Jaye P. Morgan)

Reference: (US) RCA EPA 992 / 689


Date of release: December 1956

Information: Elvis / Jaye P. Morgan was a promotional double-pocket, two-record EP set that featured two recent RCA releases: Elvis, Volume 1 (RCA EPA-992) and Jaye P. Morgan (RCA EPA-689). Covers of those two albums adorned the front and back covers of this EP. The two pockets opened up to reveal a center section that contained various facts about the record industry, one of which was that Elvis's EP had outsold Jaye P. Morgan's by about one thousand to one. RCA Victor's sales department sent this promo to its dealers with offers to assist in increasing the stores' future profits.

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