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Blackwell / Presley)


Otis Blackwell wrote Paralyzed for Elvis. It was recorded on September 2, 1956, at Radio Recorders. Take #12 was the one used by RCA. On the strength of its being on the
Elvis, Volume 1 EP, Paralyzed had a seven-week stay on the Top 100 chart, peaking at #59. In England, a single release of Paralyzed reached #8 on the charts. It wasn't until 1983 that RCA released the song as a single in the United States. During the Million Dollar Quartet session on December 4, 1956, Elvis said he wished he'd recorded Paralyzed at a slower tempo, similar to the way Jackie Wilson sang Don't Be Cruel with Billy Ward and the Dominoes in Las Vegas. Elvis then sang Paralyzed at a slower tempo for Carl Perkins  and Jerry Lee Lewis.



When you looked into my eyes
I stood there like I was hypnotised
You sent a feeling to my spine
A feeling warm and smooth and fine
And all I could do were stand there paralyzed
When we kissed, ooh, what a thrill
You took my hand and, ooh baby, what a chill
I feel like grabbin' you real tight
Squeeze and squeeze with all my might
All I could do were stand there paralyzed

1. Oh yeah, lucky me, Im singing ev'ry day - oooh
Ever since the day you came my way - oooh
You made my life for me just one big happy game
I'm gay ev'ry morning
And night Im still the same
When do you remember that wonderful time
When you held my hand and swore that you'll be mine
In front of the preacher you said "I do"
I couldn't say a word for thinking of you

All I could do was stand there paralyzed


1. (repeat)


All I could do was stand there paralyzed


Where it was released:

Released for the fist time on Elvis 



- Little Sister / Paralyzed (RCA PB-13547) June 1983. New release.

- Little Sister / Paralyzed (RCA JB-13547) June 1983. Disc jockey promotional release. Two versions were released: one with a light yellow label and one pressed on blue vinyl.

- Paralyzed / Big Boss Man (Collectables DPE1-1021) December 1986.



- Elvis, Volume 1 (1956)

- Elvis/Jaye P. Morgan (1956)



- Elvis (1956)

- Worldwide Gold Award Hits, Volume 2 The Other Sides (1971)

- The Legendary Recordings of Elvis (1979)

- I Was the One (1983)

- The Million Dollar Quartet (1990)

- The King of RocknRoll The Complete 50s Masters (1992)

- Elvis 56 (1996)

- All Time Greatest Hits (1997)

- Best of Elvis Presley II (2001) Zounds

- Elvis; Elvis is Back; Elvis Presley (2001)

- Elvis; Jailhouse Rock (2001)

- Elvis 56 (2003)

- Elvis (2005)

- Hitstory (2005)

- The Complete Million Dollar Quartet (2006)

- Elvis Presley / Elvis (2007) Hallmark

- Pink Cadillac: The Recordings of 56 (2007) Xtra

Elvis (2014) - FTD
Rebel With a Cause '56 (2018) - FTD


Bootleg Releases:

- The One Million Dollar Quartet (1987) - S Records

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