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"Just a few... but good!" - 3rd Lunch: How it Went

This is what someone said about this third social meeting of ours – on September 21st – in the very same place that everybody showed up for the first time and met. This time the main responsibles for the absence of many familiar faces were the weddings and the flu! But who was there was a valuable presence, making the most out of the meeting, and who was absent said “Here I am” with a phone call. As it happened last year, the restaurant/bar Café da Palha, in Parque das Naçőes, welcomed our meeting with open arms. And Elvis sang for around 4 hours and kept on singing, even after we were all gone...!

Legends: Humberto Ladeira, Serafim Cortizo, Miguel Santos, Célia Carvalho, Sandra Santos, Maria Antónia Pereira, Virgínia Rebelo, Fernanda Ramos, Etelvina Brázia, Isabel Lousada, Custódia, Maria Cortizo, José Rodrigues and Ana Brázia. / Pedro Guerreiro, one of our most recent members.

Something funny happened. While we were having lunch and listening to the FTD CD Fame And Fortune in the restaurant’s hifi, Pedro Guerreiro (one of the waiters who was serving us) came to ask us where he could find one of the songs that were playing, since it was unfamiliar to him and he was enjoying it very much. We asked, “Hey, Pedro... do you like Elvis?” He admitted that he did. We find Elvis fans everywhere.

Legends: Custódia and Maria Cortizo, with an Elvis umbrella. / Maria Cortizo, striking an Elvis pose! / Fernanda Ramos, showing off the umbrella.

The best of these meetings is the sharing and the social aspect. They’re getting better and better, without a doubt, since true friendships are being formed. And who is too shy to show up doesn’t know what he/she’s missing!

Serafim had an excellent idea for this meeting: to raffle a T-Shirt with the beautiful drawing by Ticia Beudet, our French member, who won the first prize in the art exhibition’s contest in Memphis, in 2001. When we asked her permission to use the drawing, Ticia was delighted and immediately said yes. (If you want to see the portrait in detail, please Click).

Legends: MŞ Virgínia Rebelo and Célia Carvalho. / MŞ Antónia Pereira and Miguel Santos. / Humberto Ladeira and Serafim Cortizo.

This would be an unique item, since we were not going to make more T-Shirts with it. At the time of the raffle, everyone was eager that Lady Luck knocked on their doors, but Maria Antónia did the honours and took the little piece of paper with Humberto Ladeira’s name on it, who promptly dressed the T-Shirt and was photographed by everyone present for quite a few minutes!

The conversation was good and some ideas for the Fan Club came up, that we will put into practice from next year onwards. Whenever more than an Elvis fan meet, good results are always expected!

Legends: Etelvina and Ana Brázia. / Sandra Santos with Humberto Ladeira, the winner of the Elvis t-shirt with Ticia Beudet's drawing in it. / José Rodrigues and MŞ Virgínia Rebelo.

Célia Carvalho took her photos on the trip she did this year to Memphis. Unfortunately, Olga Susana couldn’t be present, but she was dully introduced through the photos. A copy of the beautiful Elvis wrist watch that we are giving this month in our competition was also shown. Everyone wanted to buy it, but this copy belonged to Célia! Another article that was quite a success, even though just for practical reasons (it was raining!), was the Elvis umbrella, also Célia’s property. Especially among the ladies, who all wanted to take photos with it.

Legends: A table full of nice people!

We don’t want to end this report without mentioning the CD by our member from Malaysia, HT Long, that played throughout this meeting – it was quite a success. We renew our thanks to this member, President of the Elvis Fan Club in Malaysia for 35 years, for having given a copy to us. We thank Ticia Beudet for all the support she’s been giving us and for the magic of her portraits. MŞ Antónia, for having given the Fan Club several Elvis magazines of the 50’s and e 60’s, and, unquestionably, we thank Serafim Cortizo, for his determination in helping the Board of Directors in whatever he can. Thank you to Pedro Guerreiro, who provided a 5 stars service and ended the day by becoming a member of our Fan Club! Now we have to plan and look forward our next meeting. With fans/friends like this, it’s worth it!

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