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Little Egypt


(Leiber / Stoller)


Little Egypt was written by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller and recorded by the Coasters (Atco 6192) in 1961. Their version reached #23 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.


Elvis recorded Little Egypt in February or March 1964 at Radio Recorders for his film Roustabout. Four years later, he sang it in a medley on his TV special, Elvis. The instrumental track for that special was recorded on June 20 or 21, 1968, at Western Recorders. Elvis’s vocal was added at NBC’s studios on June 30.



I went and bought myself a ticket and I sat down in the very first row
They pulled the curtain but then when they turned the spotlight way down low
Little Egypt came out a-struttin' wearin' nothin' but a button and a bow
Singing, ying-ying, ying-ying, ying-ying, ying-ying

She had a ruby on her tummy and a diamond big as Texas on her toe
She let her hair down and she did the hoochie-coochie real slow
When she did her special number on the zebra skin I thought she'd stop the show
Singing, ying-ying, ying-ying, ying-ying, ying-ying

She did her triple somersault and when she hit the ground
She winked at the audience and then she turned around
She had a picture of a cowboy tattooed on her spine
Saying, Phoenix, Arizona, 1949

Yeah, let me tell you, people, Little Egypt doesn't dance here anymore
She's too busy mopping and a-takin' care of shopping at the store
'Cos we've got seven kids and all day long they crawl around the floor
Singing ying-ying, ying-ying, ying-ying, ying-ying


Where it was released:

Released for the fist time on Roustabout »


- Roustabout (1964) »

- NBC TV Special (1968) »

– Elvis NBC TV Special (1981) »

- Double Features: Roustabout / Viva Las Vegas (1993)

- Command Performances – The Essential 60’s Masters II (1995)

- Memories The ’68 Comeback Special (1998)

- Out in Hollywood (1999) - FTD »

- NBC TV Special – The Vinyl Classics Edition (2005)

- Let Yourself Go (2006) - FTD »

– NBC-TV Special (2016) - FTD »
– Roustabout (2017) - FTD »


Bootleg Releases:

- The ’68 Comeback, Volume 2 – Amiga Records (1978)

- Special Delivery from Elvis Presley – Flaming Star Records (1979)

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