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Moonlight Swim

(Dee / Weisman)


Moonlight Swim was written by Sylvia Dee and Ben Weisman and first recorded by Nick Noble (Mercury 71169) in 1957. Noble’s recording reached #37 on Billboard’s Top 100 chart. Later that year, actor Tony Perkins had a release of the song (RCA 47-7020) that did even better, reaching #24. The label on his record listed the song as Moon-Light Swim.


Elvis sang Moonlight Swim in his 1962 movie, Blue Hawaii. The recording session took place on March 22, 1961, at Radio Recorders.



Let's go on a moonlight swim

Far away from the crowd all alone upon the beach
Our lips and our arms close within each other's reach
Will be on a moonlight swim

Let's go on a moonlight swim
To the raft we can race and for just a little while
I'll sit and pretend that you're on a desert isle
With me on a moonlight swim

1. Though the air is cold with kisses oh, so sweet
I'll keep you warm, so very warm from your head to your feet

2. Let's go on a moonlight swim
We're in love and above there's a crazy gold balloon
That sits winking down and inviting us to come on in
On a moonlight swim

1.2. (repeat)

On a moonlight swim, on a moonlight swim...


Where it was released:

Released for the fist time on Blue Hawaii »



- Blue Hawaii (1961) »

- Blue Hawaii (1977) »

- Blue Hawaii (1980) »

- Blue Hawaii – Deluxe Edition (1997)

- More Romantics (1997)

- Close Up (2003) – box set

- Blue Hawaii (2009) - FTD »


Bootleg Releases:

- Behind Closed Doors (1979) - Audifon Records

- The Blue Hawaii Box (1981) - Laurel

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