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Blue Hawaii »

Almost Always True »

Aloha-Oe »

No More »

Can’t Help Falling In Love »

Rock-A-Hula Baby »

Moonlight Swim »

Side 2

Ku-u-i-po »

Ito Eats »

Slicin’ Sand »

Hawaiian Sunset »

Beach Boy Blues »

Island Of Love »

Hawaiian Wedding Song »

Reference: (US) RCA LSP / LPM 2426 / New number assigned in 1977 (US) RCA AFL1 2426 / New number assigned in 1980 (US) AYL1 3683)

Date of release:
October 1961

Information: Soundtrack to Elvis's 1961 movie Blue Hawaii. A total of 14 songs were featured on the album, more than on any other Presley movie soundtrack LP. A red sticker advertising the single Can't Help Falling In Love / Rock-a-Hula Baby, appeared on the cover of some of the early pressings. Blue Hawaii quickly sold over a million copies, earning Elvis a God Disc award from the RIAA. Certification was made on December 21, 1961. The album eventually exceeded sales of over five million copies. Blue Hawaii was the first RCA album to use the new miracle surface process 317X. When polled by Billboard magazine, the nation's disc jockeys chose the album as their second most favorite LP of 1961.

Blue Hawaii took eight weeks to reach number one on Billboard's Top LP's chart, but once in the top position, it remained there for 20 consecutive weeks. That set the record for a rock performer or group until Fleetwood Mac's Rumors LP in 1977. The soundtrack to West Side Story finally replaced Blue Hawaii at number one. After a stay of 79 weeks, Blue Hawaii left the charts.

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