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Western Union


(Tepper / Bennett)



Elvis recorded Western Union on May 27, 1963, at RCA's Nashville studios. Written by Sid Tepper and Roy C. Bennett, the tune turned up as a bonus song on the Speedway LP.



Western Union, o
h, Western Union
I had a fight with my baby, ooh how sorry I am
She won't talk to me no how
I'm gonna send a telegram

1. Western Union oh yeah
Send my lovin' baby back to me

She won't open my letters
She won't answer the phone
When I'm a-ringin' her doorbell
She says there ain't nobody home

1. 1. (repeat)

I love you is my message
Just three words and no more
If she won't let you deliver
Slip it underneath her door

1. 1. (repeat)

Where it was released:

First released on Speedway 


- Speedway (1968)

- For the Asking The Lost Album (1991)

- From Nashville to Memphis The Essential 60s Masters (1993)

- Elvis Chante Sid Tepper & Roy C. Bennett (2001)

- Studio B: The Nashville Outtakes (2003) - FTD

- Elvis Sings Memphis Tennessee (2008) - FTD

Elvis for Everyone (2014) - FTD

- Speedway (2016) - FTD

The Making of Viva Las Vegas (2019) - FTD

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