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(Bartholomew / King)



There is some dispute as to who actually wrote this song. Officially, Dave Bartholomew and Pearl King get credit. But Chuck Carbo of the Spiders has said that Bartholomew brought him the lyrics to Withcraft, but no music. So, Carbo says he took the music from The Spiders' 1953 release, I Didn't Want to Do It (Imperial 5265), which was a #2 rhythm & blues hit for them. In any case, the original recording of Withcraft was by the Spiders on Imperial Records (Imperial 5366) in July 1955. Their recording peaked at #7 on Billboard's rhythm & blues chart.


Elvis recorded Withcraft on May 26, 1963, at RCA's Nashville studios. His single release had a seven-week stay on Billboard's Hot 100 chart, peaking at #32. Some sources have credited Withcraft with selling a million copies. This song is not to be confused with Frank Sinatra's Witchcraft.



Don't do that, please stop it, please stop it now

You know I can't take it, please stop it now
1. My head is spinning a spell on me now
My head is spinning around and around
My head is spinning around and around
Your witchcraft has got me, keep going down and down

Let me forget her, don't mention her name
You know it brings back that old burning flame
It hurts to know that she don't feel the same


1. (Repeat)

I can't go on since she left me alone
My one desire is to try not to cry
She might come back one day by and by and by


1.1. (Repeat)


Where it was released:

First released on single »


- Bossa Nova Baby / Witchcraft (RCA 47-8243) October 1963. Standard release. The original picture sleeves read, "Coming Soon! FUN IN ACAPULCO Album." Two months later the sleeves were changed to read "Ask for FUN IN ACAPULCO Album." In January 1964 the announcement was dropped »

- Bossa Nova Baby / Witchcraft (RCA 447-0642) August 1964. Gold Standard Series reissue.



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