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Big Boots


(Wayne & Edwards)

Big Boots was sung by Elvis in his 1960 film G.I. Blues. The song, which was written by Sid Wayne and Sherman Edwards, was first recorded on April 28, 1960, at RCA’s Hollywood studios. That version, a slower take, was not released until 1978. The version recorded on May 6, 1960, at Radio Recorders was faster. It was this recording, a splice of two takes, that was used in G.I. Blues and the soundtrack album.


They call your daddy Big Boots
And Big Boots is his name
It takes a big man to wear big boots
That's your daddy's claim to fame
They know your daddy Big Boots
Wherever soldiers are
'Cause he can handle an armoured tank
Just like a kiddy car
So sleep little soldier
Don't you cry
Loo loo loo loo
Loo loo loo
General Sandman's soon coming by
Loo loo loo loo
Loo loo loo
I'm gonna tell you a little secret
You won't believe it's true
Did you know your
Daddy Big Boots
Once wore little boots like you
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