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Blueberry Hill

(Lewis, Stock & Rose)

Blueberry Hill was written in 1940 by Al Lewis, Larry Stock and Vincent Rose. Glenn Miller first popularized the song (with vocal by Ray Eberle) in a recording (Bluebird 10768) that #2 on Billboard's Best-Selling Singles chart. Gene Autry further popularized Blueberry Hill in his 1940 western for Republic Pictures, The Singing Hill.

In 1956 Fats Domino had a million-seller with Blueberry Hill (Imperial 5407), reaching #4 on the Top 100 chart and number one for eight weeks on the rhythm & blues chart. It was the only million-seller by Domino that was not written by himself or Dave Bartholomew. Louis Armstrong also had a popular version of Blueberry Hill (Decca 30091) in 1956, reaching #27 on the Top 100 chart.

Elvis recorded Blueberry Hill on January 19, 1957, at Radio Recorders. Take #9 was chosen by RCA for release.


I found my thrill on Blueberry hill
On Blueberry Hill where I found you
The moon stood still on Blueberry Hill
It lingered until my dreams came true
1. The wind in the willow played
Love's sweet melody
But all of those vows we made
Were never to be yeah
2. Though we're apart, you're part of me still
For you were my thrill on Blueberry Hill
1. 2. (repeat)
Where it was released:
First released on the album Loving You 
- Just For You (1957) 
- Loving You (1957) 
- Recorded Live On Stage In Memphis (1974) 
- Recorded Live on Stage in Memphis (1977) 
- Greatest Moments in Music (1979) 
- Elvis Aron Presley  Forever (1988) 
- Essential Elvis, Volume 2 - Stereo '57 (1989)
- The King of Rock'n'Roll - The Complete 50's Masters (1992) 
- Platinum - A Life In Music (1997) 
- A Touch of Plantinum, Volume 1 (1998)
- Loving You (2002)
- Close Up (2003) 
- Elvis as Recorded Live on Stage in Memphis (2004) - FTD 
- Flashback (2004) - FTD 
- Loving You (2006)  FTD 
- I Found My Thrill (2006) - FTD 
- Unchained Melody (2007) - FTD 
- Something for the Girls (2014) - FTD 
- Elvis' Golden Records (2015) - FTD 
Bootleg Releases:
- Cadillac Elvis (1979)  TCB Records
- Susie Q (1985) - Astra