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Sound Advice


(Giant / Baum / Kaye)


Sound Advice was sung by Elvis in his 1962 movie
Follow That Dream. The film version had a whistling introduction and was mimed by actor Arthur O'Connell. Elvis recorded Sound Advice on July 5, 1961, at RCA's Nashville studios. Bill Giant, Bernie Baum, and Florence Kaye are the composers. (Note: the credits of Follow That Dream credit Bill Giant and Anna Shaw as the composers).




Some folks tell you what to do
They think they know more than you
They insist that they're givin' sound advice
But as sure as you're livin'
It ain't sound, it ain't nice
It just doesn't sound like sound advice

Some folks like to be the boss
They get up on their high horse
Oh, they say that you're gettin’, sound advice
There’s one thing I'm bettin'
It ain't wise, it ain't nice
You won't like the sound of their advice

1. Sound advice we're given sound advice
Just as sure as you're livin'
If you’re smart you'll think twice
When they start to sound off with advice

1. (repeat)

Don't listen to their sound advice


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